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What is Bosom Buddies?

Bosom Buddies is a grassroots campaign to encourage community support for breastfeeding mothers.

Bosom Buddies invites you to publicly show your support for breastfeeding by making a Pledge and sharing it via social media. Pledges can be made by anyone – individuals, businesses, venues, employers, community organisations etc.

In the Community section, breastfeeding mothers are invited to Share Stories and Nominate Bosom Buddies, to show how the actions of others can help us overcome challenges and meet our own breastfeeding goals.

The campaign also celebrates many of the prominent Bosom Buddies around the world who have used their public profile to counteract the social stigma and help to normalise breastfeeding.

Bosom Buddies was inspired by the deeply personal stories that breastfeeding mothers around the world shared with us as we researched and produced the short films featured on this site. By sharing our stories, we share our knowledge, inspire others and stand in solidarity with the next generation of breastfeeding mothers.


Your stories

I went out for dinner with some friends and had my 6 month old daughter with me. She was hungry and tired but wouldn’t settle inside the restaurant as it was so noisy, so I went outside and sat down on some steps outside a closed (and presumably empty) shop to breastfeed her. After I’d been feeding for a while, the shop door suddenly opened and a lady stuck her head out, so I figured she was about to ask me to move off the steps. Instead, she said that she had seen me sitting there with bub, and in all the time she’d owned that shop it was the nicest thing she’d ever seen on her stairs! It absolutely made my night!

Beth, Sunday 24 July 2016

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