Alyssa Milano

An actor, producer, designer and mother, Alyssa is the star of the hit US TV series Project Runway, Charmed and Who’s the Boss. A humanitarian at heart, Alyssa has done much for HIV/AIDS over the years and is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, advocating for children and mothers.

So when Alyssa received flack for posting a ‘brelfie’ (breastfeeding selfie) on social media, people started to realise they picked on the wrong lady. Alyssa is a smart and articulate advocate for the rights of women to breastfeed in public and for its broader cultural acceptance. This work is needed the world over, especially in the US, a country which is more comfortable with the sexualisation of women’s breasts then seeing breasts in the context of nourishing babies.

“I feel strongly that women should be able to feed their babies no matter where they are… Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, due to people’s perception of breastfeeding being ‘gross’, or something you need to do in private.”

Alyssa responded directly to this point on The Wendy Williams Show, where amongst other shocking comments Wendy, who isn’t a fan of public breastfeeding, referred to her own breasts as ‘fun bags’. We share Alyssa’s position and like her, we are still shocked that people are so opinionated about something so natural.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Milano/Instagram

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