Carly Quinn

For years before I became pregnant, she normalised breastfeeding for me and showed me to never be ashamed to breastfeed in public. She became a peer mentor and passed on her knowledge to me and to others. When I became pregnant, she was encouraging and informed me of the reality of how hard it can be to begin with but how worthwhile it is. Having given birth, she helped to make sure my baby had a correct latch and provided nighttime WhatsApp advice throughout the night! Even now my breastfeeding is established, she is my go to breastfeeding guru.
We now regularly find ourselves out and about feeding our little people in public together setting up a little breastfeeding zone for her 9 month old and my 2 month old. Best auntie my baby could wish for!

Nominated by: Faye Vincent

31 July, 2016

United Kingdom

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