Damon & Zoe Gameau

Damon Gameau is an Australian Actor and Director who is best known for his breakout debut feature documentary, THAT SUGAR FILM. The film follows Damon as he put his body on the line to investigate the impact of a high sugar diet on a healthy body. Over the course of 60 days, Damon consumes 40tsp of sugar per day, with the hitch to his experiment being that he can only eat foods that are commonly perceived to be healthy (so no chocolate, cakes, biscuits, sweets or soft drinks).

It’s really shocking how quickly Damon reaches his daily tally of 40tsp by consuming foods that many families would feed their kids on a daily basis, such as breakfast cereals, low-fat yoghurt and muesli bars. What’s even more shocking is how quickly his health markers start to ring major warning bells to his medical team.

While Damon is conducting this experiment his gorgeous partner Zoe, who is also a successful actor, is in the latter stages of pregnancy. As the experiment and film draw to a close, the couple welcomes their first child to the world. Damon introduces their adorable daughter, Velvet, to the film’s audience by showing us three things that belong to her (a convention he uses to introduce all the major characters in the film):

“This is her mobile… this is her giraffe toy… and this her lunch.”

The ‘lunch’ shot being this extreme close-up of Zoe’s breasts!

TSF - Zoe's Boobs

We love that Damon and Zoe took this opportunity to normalise breastfeeding to a mass audience. We also love that Damon continues to promote breastfeeding as the biological norm whenever he and his team post about infant feeding or gut health on the film’s popular Blog and Facebook page.

Photo credit: That Sugar Film / Madman Production Co.

Nominated by: Bosom Buddies

7 August, 2016



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