Meg Nagle

In between breastfeeding her youngest boy, chasing after her oldest two boys, working as a Lactation Consultant, blogging about breastfeeding and motherhood via her popular blog ‘The Milk Meg’ and occasionally sleeping… Meg works with women to help them reach their breastfeeding goals!

Meg coined the term ‘Lactaboobiephobia’ in response to women being discriminated against for breastfeeding in public or posting ‘brelfies’ on social media. The final straw came when Facebook removed a picture of a mother feeding her newborn that Meg had posted on her breastfeeding  support page – apparently the tiny amount of breast visible in the picture was a breach of Facebook’s ‘community standards’.

Thankfully, after a sustained campaign from vocal advocates like Meg, Facebook has now revised their guidelines to allow breastfeeding images. Sadly, this hasn’t stopped people from reporting mums for posting breastfeeding images because they find them offensive. 

“Some people get really worked up when they see a breastfeeding picture or a woman feeding her baby in public. Breastfeeding in public should not be a newsworthy topic. The fact that we even have to talk about it and defend our right to do it shows what a sad state our society has reached. It is not news, it is simply the biological norm.

Aside from using her own voice to champion the cause, at times Meg also lends her blog space to family and friends. There’s a particular article penned by Meg’s husband that we love, offering a selection of humorous retorts to use when a woman is told she needs to be more discreet. 

Photo Credit: Melissa Jean Photography

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