Pinky McKay

I’d like to nominate Pinky McKay as my Bosom Buddy. Pinky has been my rock throughout what has not been an easy breastfeeding journey – twice!

I met Pinky when my first baby was 6 weeks old and very unsettled (later diagnosed with a rare, chronic allergic gastrointestinal disorder). I was encouraged to wean at many stages as it was thought a prescription formula would be better for my baby, and easier for me as I otherwise had to remain on a restricted diet so my child didn’t react to allergens in my milk. Pinky helped me find the experts to back my belief that breast was best for my beautiful baby, in its unique situation, as she helped me rebuild my milk supply, and my infant thrived.

My second child was also diagnosed with the same genetic allergic disorder. This time Pinky’s support was needed most when I was diagnosed with breast cancer while still breastfeeding. Pinky helped me source a surgeon who would be supportive of me continuing to feed as long as possible. She helped with advice on how to feed from the side that had been operated on just two days post surgery. She next supported me through 30 radiation sessions (I breastfed on the affected side for about the first 15 sessions, and then just the non-affected side), and then again saved my breastfeeding relationship by putting me in touch with the Australian pharmacy expert in breastfeeding and drugs who provided my oncologist information on my ongoing anti-hormonal breast cancer therapy in relation to continuing to breastfeed.

Pinky has and still always does give me the confidence to parent my children with my heart, and to trust that I am their best advocates. There is no doubt this advice and backing has saved their lives.

Nominated by: Alison

3 July, 2016


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