Pinky McKay

I am a first time mother who had a less than ideal start with breast-feeding, with a high risk pregnancy and medically necessary induction. When my little girl E arrived she did not latch and when she did the pain was excruciating. She was assessed for ties by two Lactation consultants and both said that she had a higher palate but her latch looked fine. For the first two months I pumped around the clock to give her whatever breastmilk I could because she just wouldn’t latch and on the odd occasion that she did, I had to unlatch her because of the pain. We supplemented with formula. At the end of the second month, E latched on but was fussy and cried every time and I kept getting told my milk supply wasn’t enough. This also affected E’s sleep as she kept waking up hungry.

While we struggled to continue breastfeeding I attended Pinky’s seminar on infant sleep. After the seminar, I hung around to speak to Pinky and mentioned E’s symptoms and that my instinct said she had ties but I was dismissed by 2 lactation consultants. Pinky offered to check E and diagnosed her with a lip and posterior tongue tie. A referral to the pediatric dentist confirmed a class IV tie which was lasered. E was 8 months old at the time. Without Pinky I wouldn’t have been able to continue breastfeeding. We weaned off formula completely a little before her ties were revised. E is now 19 months old and we’re still breastfeeding.

I felt immense relief when Pinky diagnosed E and validated my instincts. I feel proud looking back at our journey and how far we have come. I feel so happy knowing that there are people like Pinky willing who passionately support mothers.

Nominated by: Ms L

8 July, 2016


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