A friend recommended I contact Pinky after I tearfully shared with her my breastfeeding failure with my son. He was 18months at the time but our feeding relationship ended when he was just 5months old. I could never make enough milk for him. In those first days and weeks of his life, I spoke to consultants from ABFA, was seen in the lactation clinic at the hospital and saw a private LC. They all told me to feed more, pump and stop supplementing. I fed and pumped and cried and had a screaming, hungry baby. I thought I was a failure. Everyone one was making it seem so simple and yet for me, it was not working. Eventually he preferred the bottle to me. I still tried to BF and pump after every session but when he was 5months old I developed mastitis and the tiny amount of milk that I made vanished in a matter of hours and never returned. I was devastated and could never heal from this failure.

I spoke to Pinky when my son was 18months old and she was so validating and supportive and congratulated me on my efforts. She mentioned something called a supply line, which I have never heard of before, and said that with it, it is possible to supplement the baby at the breast.

After our conversation, I felt a myriad of emotions; finally validated and acknowledged but angry and frustrated that no one was able to provide this information and support for me when I needed it most.

During my second pregnancy about 1yr ago, a hospital lactation consultant diagnosed me with IGT at 30 weeks. I was both shattered and relieved at the same time. Disappointed that I wasn’t miraculously going be able to BF without a problem, but relieved that it wasn’t just my failing at something so completely natural.

I met with Pinky whilst still pregnant. She was so supportive and encouraging. She provided me with lots of resources and educated me on the use of a supply line. We also had back up plans and back up plans for the back up plans to ensure that my baby never went hungry. She understood how important it was for me to breastfeed and she was there every step. She would respond to every email and every question that I had. If she didn’t know, she found out but looking up the latest research or contacting people who may have known.

Whilst I never made more than half of the milk my baby needed, and indeed had to supplement her from birth, she has had every feed of her life at my breast and she is turning one in less than 2weeks. I no longer need to supplement her. She now enjoys a wide variety of healthy food and we enjoy a beautiful, amazing breastfeeding relationship; one that I am sure we would not have had without the support of Pinky Mckay.

Nominated by: Marina McPherson

25 July, 2016


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