The lady who swapped her seat

I’d like to nominate the lady who was on my flight in May 2016. I don’t know her name, but what she did really touched me.

It was our first flight without Dad. I was sitting on an aisle seat and Archie needed to breastfeed The lady sitting next to us rolled her eyes at me and said I should have done that BEFORE I got on the flight.

The lady sitting on the other side of her noticed and kindly swapped her window seat so I could finish feeding Archie

As the for the lady who tried to shame me, I should have told that old bag she left her reading glasses on her seat, but I thought to myself she really should have put them away BEFORE she rushed ahead of everyone to get off the flight.

When I posted about this on Instagram, I was blown away by all the lovely messages of support I received.

Bec Dourus

Nominated by: Bec Douros

19 July, 2016


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