The Target staff and shoppers who came to my defence

I was shopping in my local Target store with my 4-week-old daughter, Zinnia. As I was paying for my shopping, she started crying so I sat down to breastfeed her in the cafe area.

I choose not to cover up when I feed because I am not ashamed of what my breasts are intended for.

I was completely shocked when a male customer began yelling at me for breastfeeding in the store’s cafe area. He looked at me and said (very angrily), “can’t you do that somewhere else? That’s disgusting… You are nasty” (plus a few other things under his breath). I responded with “I am feeding my baby, and I have the right to do it here… walk away… leave me alone”. He got really angry and started swearing at me as he’s walking closer and closer to us, shouting “you are f*@king disgusting… you whore”.

I turned away from him, but he continued to shout at me, so I started recording him on my cell phone. Just after I began filming another shopper and a group of Target employees stepped in to defend me, shielding me from the man and telling him to leave me alone.

The other customer told me afterwards that she has five kids of her own. I loved that she stepped in and became my mama bear. I felt very protected and when everyone stood up for me, I knew nothing was going to happen to us.

The video went viral and Target were quoted in the media as saying that their breastfeeding policy, which applies to all stores, ensures that moms who choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable.

That’s pretty awesome!

Nominated by: Jessie Maher

6 July, 2016

United States

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