Vanessa Daley

My younger son and I were dealing with a terrible tongue tie issue and waiting for our appointment to have it released. On this particular day our families had a play date together at a very busy place for kids to play. The place had a nursing room but it was packed and every time I wanted to use it it was occupied. My son was nursing very frequently at that time due to the tongue tie and I was extremely nervous because he would CONSTANTLY unlatch and I was afraid that someone would say something about the constantly showing nipple, and there was no way we could have covered with all the unlatching, I needed to be able to see. Vanessa nursed both of her children, and she has a very calming effect to her. She just sat and talked to me on the sofa like there wasn’t a billion people and kids all running around us. Nobody paid me any mind and anytime I get nervous about whipping out a boob I think to myself, man. If I can nurse him in front of people while he’s unlatching every 30 seconds there should be no problem now that we are pros! That was the very moment I decided that I wanted to be someone that gave others the confidence to feed their babies wherever and whenever they need. Thank you! You’ve made a bigger difference in our nursing relationship than you will ever know!

Nominated by: Jessica Visi

12 July, 2016

United States

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