Pledges Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms & conditions carefully before submitting your pledge:

Bosom Buddies is a grassroots campaign to foster more overt community support  for breastfeeding mothers. Your pledge (and uploaded image or logo, if applicable) will be published on this website once approved by our moderators. If you choose to upload an image or logo, by doing so you warrant that you own it or have the necessary permission to submit it with your pledge. Your pledge may also be reproduced on social media and in our e-newsletters to promote Bosom Buddies and inspire others to join the campaign by making a pledge, nominating a bosom buddy or sharing their story. We want to keep you updated on the campaign via our e-newsletter. The email address you have provided will always be kept secure and private. We will provide you with the opportunity to op-out of receiving our emails at any time. We hope that you choose to stay connected to the campaign. Thank you for your public support for breastfeeding mothers and their families.