By making a public pledge you can show mothers that community support for breastfeeding far outweighs the minority that take offence. We encourage you to explore the pledges on this site and think about something you can do (as an individual, employer, business,service provider, venue operator) to help make it easier for mums who choose breastfeed to do so.
  • Babies need breastmilk, be proud & encourage others!

    My baby loved feeding. He fed all the time, there was no possibility that I could not feed in public. I loved my baby more than some weird societal taboos. However, strangely enough I found the people I felt the MOST awkward feeding around were my mother and stepfather. My mum never breastfed and had no experience of breasts as anything but sexual and they both gave off very strange vibes every time I fed (approx. 100 times a day for 3.5 years). About 18 months in they got used to it. So much of life is social conditioning. We need to condition things back to the way it should be. It can be done if we all do it!

    Pledged by: Kim Pemberton

    7 December, 2018


    Proud to be an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace and a Breastfeeding Welcome Here venue

  • Breastfeeding in public (stop rolling your eyes!)

    There are so many women like myself who are anxious about feeding their babies when out and about in fear of being approached and having someone condemn them for it..! I want this to change! Everyone knows that you cannot get more natural than feeding your baby- So why do so many people see it as a way of getting attention; or a reason to flash their bits ? I want my children to grow up in a world where mothers dont have that fear of being persecuted or bullied for comforting a child- where its not seen as stigma or something to avoid! I want to normalize breastfeeding!

    Pledged by: Cherie Rigby

    18 November, 2018


  • I Breastfeed Uncovered In Public To Bring Awareness

    Breastfeeding is a Normal, Natural and Beautiful part of life. I breastfeed my baby, uncovered in public to show other breastfeeding mothers, as well as everyone else, that it’s OK to breastfeed in public.

    Pledged by: Miranda

    21 January, 2017

    United States

  • ill feed my son where ever

    I am a breast feeding mother and feel no shame. Neither should you.

    Pledged by: Nikki carlow

    21 January, 2017

    United States

  • Breastfeed here, there, and everywhere!

    As a breastfeeding mother myself, I will always encourage and make sure any mother breastfeeding is not harassed for doing so.

    Pledged by: Kayla G

    21 January, 2017

    United States

  • Comrades in boobs

    I pledge to always support breastfeeding mothers, to give them a smile and nod so they know I’m on their side, to never shy away or hide when I feed my son, to raise awareness and educate people whenever I can, and to raise my children to be supportive of breastfeeding mothers, but also to never pressure or shame those who don’t choose breastfeeding and to be equally supportive of formula feeding mums! #boobsorbottles #weareallbuddies

    Pledged by: Bre

    21 January, 2017


  • I won’t hide

    I don’t remember seeing another breastfeeding in public before I became pregnant. This should be something we see on a daily basis! I pledge to feed my baby when he needs and not hide away. By feeding in public I hope to work towards normalizing breastfeeding and help cure “lactoboobiephobia”!

    Pledged by: Amy Horrock

    23 September, 2016


  • Cure Lactaboobiephobia

    I pledge to do my part to cure Lactaboobiephobia.

    Breastfeeding is the single hardest thing I have done in my life.

    Criticism & a lack of support has nearly crippled this journey many times.

    Without the support of my husband I would not be able to pledge here today as a tandem feeding mum of two, milk donor & breastfeedin mentor. I promise to support any breastfeeding mum I can. I will be your back up crew, your cheer squad hell I am happy to be your nursing buddy too.

    I’m not just doing it for you & me I’m doing it for our children too. I don’t want them to even think “what if”, “maybe in a minute” or “what should I do?”

    I want them to remember to feed their baby as that’s what mum would do!

    Pledged by: Natalie

    30 August, 2016


  • We need a cultural shift…support nursing in public!

    As a Registered Nurse and IBCLC, I pledge my ongoing and unwavering support for mothers to breastfeed however they choose and wherever they choose. I will continue making strides of support until this is a non-issue in our world. I will continue to thank and empower women who I see nursing in public. We can make this a reality if we all work together!

    Pledged by: Breanna Duncan

    21 August, 2016

    United States

  • I pledge…

    I pledge to feed my daughter in public whenever she needs it. I pledge to support other mummas to breastfeed, to reach their goals, or just to be supportive if they’re feeding in public. All mothers should feel comfortable, not ashamed, to feed their baby or young child whenever they need to.

    Pledged by: Holly Clark

    8 August, 2016



    Coming from a mother who desperately tried to continue breastfeeding, I lasted only a week as it is much more difficult than people assume. I did live with my fiancé’s parents so had I owned my own place at the time I may have pushed through it. Currently 7 months pregnant with my second and I plan to EBF for at least 6 months!! God bless you breastfeeding mommas! It is a tough but highly respectable journey to endure! Not to mention all the bonding and health benefits that come along with it!! LOVE and support you ALL <3

    Pledged by: Alex Davis

    6 August, 2016

    United States

  • I won’t hide

    We need to see more women feeding their babies in public for breastfeeding to become more normalized. I wish I had seen it more before I had my baby. I pledge to feed my baby when he needs and to not hide away.

    Pledged by: Amy

    23 September, 2016


  • Breastfeed anytime anywhere!

    I pledge to be a welcoming ally for all breastfeeding mothers. It’s the biological norm!

    Pledged by: Andrea

    5 August, 2016

    United States

  • Education, Support and Love

    I pledge to support and educate EVERYONE on ANY breastfeeding related matters. I pledge to normalize breastfeeding through love, education, and nursing my twins babies everywhere and anywhere they want to nurse ♡

    Pledged by: Christina Clausen

    5 August, 2016

    United States

  • Luca

    I pledge to breastfeed my baby in public whenever he desires to nurse!

    Pledged by: Julia

    5 August, 2016

    United States