Babies need breastmilk, be proud & encourage others!

My baby loved feeding. He fed all the time, there was no possibility that I could not feed in public. I loved my baby more than some weird societal taboos. However, strangely enough I found the people I felt the MOST awkward feeding around were my mother and stepfather. My mum never breastfed and had no experience of breasts as anything but sexual and they both gave off very strange vibes every time I fed (approx. 100 times a day for 3.5 years). About 18 months in they got used to it. So much of life is social conditioning. We need to condition things back to the way it should be. It can be done if we all do it!

Pledged by: Kim Pemberton

7 December, 2018


Proud to be an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace and a Breastfeeding Welcome Here venue

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