Cure Lactaboobiephobia

I pledge to do my part to cure Lactaboobiephobia.

Breastfeeding is the single hardest thing I have done in my life.

Criticism & a lack of support has nearly crippled this journey many times.

Without the support of my husband I would not be able to pledge here today as a tandem feeding mum of two, milk donor & breastfeedin mentor. I promise to support any breastfeeding mum I can. I will be your back up crew, your cheer squad hell I am happy to be your nursing buddy too.

I’m not just doing it for you & me I’m doing it for our children too. I don’t want them to even think “what if”, “maybe in a minute” or “what should I do?”

I want them to remember to feed their baby as that’s what mum would do!

Pledged by: Natalie

30 August, 2016


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