By making a public pledge you can show mothers that community support for breastfeeding far outweighs the minority that take offence. We encourage you to explore the pledges on this site and think about something you can do (as an individual, employer, business,service provider, venue operator) to help make it easier for mums who choose breastfeed to do so.
  • My pledge

    I’ve been breastfeeding for 8 months and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I feed my daughter anytime and anywhere I please. I exercise my right to feed her in public and pump at work. We shouldn’t have to normalize breastfeeding, but I plan to help and encourage others mothers anyway I can.

    Pledged by: Nicole Anderson

    21 July, 2016

    United States

  • We are all in this together! One boob at a time.

    I pledge to be a physical example of normalizing breastfeeding. I will nurse my children whenever and wherever because that is what is right. I will also let other mothers know that I am proud and happy to see them do the same.

    Pledged by: Suzanne

    20 July, 2016


  • Breastfeeding friendly town

    As Deputy Mayor of my city, I encourage other councils to follow and have signs from ABA on buildings and create a particular policy, hold an event for Breastfeeding mums for World breastfeeding day and council to train all staff through ABA to be accredited. Support your community of nursing mums!

    Pledged by: Seranna Shutt

    18 July, 2016



    Proud to be an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace and a Breastfeeding Welcome Here venue

  • Bosom buddy GP

    I pledge to support all activities of mothering and especially a supportive environment for breast feeding. My pledge is to encourage the use of breast feeding guidelines by GPs through facilitating GP academics to disseminate their knowledge through multiple communication channels used by Australian GPs.

    Pledged by: Dr Karen Price

    11 July, 2016


  • Information and support for families and communities

    Breastfeeding Network pledges to support women and families with evidence-based information and family centred, practical peer support that enables parents to feel supported in their feeding choices and to breastfeed for as long as they choose. We will also work to increase knowledge and confidence in breastfeeding in our communities, removing social barriers and helping communities understand and value breastfeeding

    Pledged by: The Breastfeeding Network

    15 July, 2016

    United Kingdom

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  • Elder lady with a thank you…

    I tried breast feeding with all my children. With my youngest, we were at the grocery store, on a bench near the rest rooms. I had a nursing cover to protect my baby, though we struggled with it on. An elder lady came up to me and thanked me for covering up… actually said thank you for covering yourself… I shouldn’t have to cover up, and this lady who was also a mother, shouldn’t have felt the need to say anything to me… I pledge to be proud of nourishing my child no matter where we are and to support all mothers who choose to do so as well!

    Pledged by: Rabecca Hand

    19 July, 2016

    United States

  • The right to breastfeed is enshrined in law

    Breastfeeding is a beautiful, necessary and natural thing to offer one’s child if a mother is able. It is also a right that is enshrined in Australian law. Come on now people, let’s be a little more supportive of what is best for mothers, their children and the wider community.

    Pledged by: Hannah O'Keefe

    16 July, 2016



    Proud to be an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace

  • Big smiles for the breastfeeding

    I pledge to give a big “I know the feeling-good on you” smile and friendly nod to any Mothers I see breastfeeding in public. I know the feeling, it’s not an easy job! Yay for the breast : )

    Pledged by: Kita

    13 July, 2016


  • I’ll stand by you breastfeeding mothers

    I pledge to always support breastfeeding in every way I can whether it be by smiling and making eye contact with a fellow breastfeeding mother, educating others about breastfeeding and how it is the biological norm and continuing to breastfeed my now 1 year old daughter for as long as she wishes wherever she wishes (and any future siblings also).

    Pledged by: Caroline Mugavin

    16 July, 2016


  • USA Breastfeeding Mothers

    I pledge that for as long as i am fertile and blessed with children I will breastfeed them for as long as i can. Because i live in America! and as a citizen of this proud and beautiful country i am Free! Free to choose and make my own descisions and as a Free American Woman I Choose to Breastfeed all of my babies, continuing tradition with my 3rd who will be born in August as well as with as many as may the future bring.

    Pledged by: Alma Tejeda

    17 July, 2016

    United States

  • Normalise breastfeeding

    I pledge to share and be confident that I breastfeed my 20 month old. I will continue to support new mums and inspire them to feel uninhibited and free to breastfeed as and when they want to.

    Pledged by: Poppy Roe

    19 July, 2016

    United Kingdom

  • Let’s make breastfeeding in public SO normal that no-one cares

    I breastfed both of my babies until they were almost 2 years old, and I did it wherever and whenever I needed to. I never covered up, and I never went and hid in the toilets (although sometimes I did move out of the busiest areas to minimise distractions for my baby).

    I look forward to the day when every woman can breastfeed in public without giving it a second thought, because it’s SO normal that people don’t even bat an eyelid.

    I pledge to keep sharing my story, and supporting any women who want to breastfeed without fear, until we reach that day. <3

    Pledged by: Nikki Stokes

    19 July, 2016


  • It’s Just a Boob!

    I pledge to continue nursing my son (now 2.5 years old) until he naturally weans. I will continue to be supportive and encouraging to new mothers and those who aren’t quite as comfortable with nursing in public as I am. I will continue to share stories, news coverage, research studies, and articles about breastfeeding in public and breastfeeding past infancy to help normalize it.

    Pledged by: Jessica Fields

    19 July, 2016

    United States

  • I pledge to continue to normalize breastfeeding

    I pledge to help moms feel more comfortable and give more exposure to breastfeeding in public without a cover to make it the norm again. If I see a nursing mom in public I’ll make a nice comment about how awesome they are!

    Pledged by: Madison Fullerton

    19 July, 2016

    United States

  • Encourage and Support

    I pledge to encourage mums to breastfeed anywhere, everywhere, anytime. Through my involvement with the Australian Breastfeeding Association I will continue to share my knowledge and help to normalise breastfeeding. Feed the babies!

    Pledged by: Amanda

    16 July, 2016