By making a public pledge you can show mothers that community support for breastfeeding far outweighs the minority that take offence. We encourage you to explore the pledges on this site and think about something you can do (as an individual, employer, business,service provider, venue operator) to help make it easier for mums who choose breastfeed to do so.
  • Supporting my Village

    I pledge to support and promote breastfeeding for all its benefits to mother, child and family.
    I will continue to use social media to share positive information.
    I will support the mothers in my baby & toddler birth groups and other groups, both in person and online, wherever I can help.

    Pledged by: Erica

    19 July, 2016


  • All for breastfeeding

    I pledge to continue to breastfeed my bub (now 14 month old) without any negative feelings or influences. I will strive to acknowledge, support and encourage any mums breastfeeding their bubs wherever I go.

    Pledged by: Alison

    16 July, 2016


  • I Breastfeed My 4 Year Old

    I pledge to be more open about the fact that my 4 year old son is still breastfed.

    I’m really lucky to have the support of some amazing breastfeeding networks where I can be proud of my breastfeeding journeys, especially tandem feeding my son and daughter, who turned 4 and 1 last March. Yet some of my closest friends friends and family wouldn’t know that my son still has a boob at bedtime and again when he wakes in the morning.

    I tell myself I’m protecting my son from judgement, but maybe I’m more afraid of being labelled a weirdo or pervert.

    My son and I have a beautiful relationship. He is smart, funny, active, capable, independent, caring, crazy and extremely handsome. If this special guy is a product of my parenting, then I have absolutely no reason to be ashamed of the way I am raising him.

    Maybe if my friends and family can see that my son is breastfed at 4 and IS NOT impaired or disadvantaged in any way, we can help fight some of the stigma that breastfeeding past infancy is anything other than amazing.

    Pledged by: Lauren Threadgate

    18 July, 2016


  • Normalize breastfeeding

    I pledge to continue to support and empower women who breastfeed and to be an advocate for breastfeeding women. I will support women to breastfeed their children in whichever surroundings they choose. Lets normalize breastfeeding

    Pledged by: Caron David

    15 July, 2016


    Proud to be an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace

  • Anytime, Anyplace

    I pledge to support and defend breastfeeding mothers and their right to feed their babies – anytime, anywhere.

    Pledged by: Kate Stevenson

    17 July, 2016


  • Evolved dads supporting breastfeeding mums – any time, any place

    i will provide a loving, supportive environment for breastfeeding mums whenever I am able!

    Pledged by: Leonard Cooper

    10 July, 2016

    United States

  • My Pledge for Mums

    I pledge to acknowledge and give encouragement to all mums I encounter breastfeeding in public. No Mum should be made feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding their baby.

    Pledged by: Lynette

    15 July, 2016


  • No judgement

    I will never ever judge another mother or make her feel uncomfortable with regards to feeding or comforting her baby. If anything, I’m going to tell them GOOD JOB. I’m a breastfeeding mother of an almost 1 year old girl and have never fed in public due to criticism. My baby girl is still a baby… This needs to change.

    Pledged by: Kayla

    15 July, 2016


  • Nature’s best

    Forty years ago I struggled and failed – there was little support. I regret missing out. Breast milk is the best nature can offer and breastfeeding should be accepted everywhere without question. I will encourage and support at every opportunity.

    Pledged by: Robyn

    15 July, 2016


  • OUR Journey, not yours.

    I pledge to continue to breastfeed my 1 year old (10.5 months corrected) son until he or I are ready to cease, and not a day sooner. I will listen to my supportive and positive husband whenever I feel like I am being judged by others. I pledge to be a supportive friend to my other bosom buddies both past and present.

    Pledged by: Sara-Jane Drew

    14 July, 2016


    Our Journey

    Proud to be an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace

  • paying it forward

    I pledge to always remember the support and kind words that were offered to me as I struggled to breastfeed my first baby. I got through some tough times with that kindness and pledge to show the same support and encouragement to other bf mums – whether it be with a smile, a compliment or just listening to someone else’s story.

    Pledged by: liz ralph

    14 July, 2016


  • Breastfeeding Toddlers

    I pledge to continue feeding my twin toddlers even though it’s not the cultural norm. I pledge not to be embarrassed about the fact I’m ‘still’ breastfeeding!

    Pledged by: Jenine Martino

    13 July, 2016


  • It’s our choice

    It was my choice to feed my children.
    It was their choice to accept my breasts and milk.
    It was my choice to make the committment and continue to look after my body so that it could nourish my children.
    It is our choice to continue this journey for as long (or short) that we see fit.
    Our choices effect us so I have chosen what makes us happy.
    Breastfeeding makes us both happy and gives us a bond unlike any other.

    Pledged by: Isabel

    13 July, 2016


  • Rock the Boob!

    To continue to rock the boob wherever, whenever, without a second thought; cause the boob is the ultimate, nutritious, fast food for wee humans. To demonstrate nonchalant nourishment as a role model, to rise above barriers to boobies and support others in the same. To promote local laws, and international knowledge, which renormalise children feeding direct from source. To provide encouragement to, and point to sources of education for, anyone struggling to get a handle on unabashed suckling.

    Pledged by: Susan Garde Pettie

    13 July, 2016

    United Kingdom

  • Supporting breastfeeding

    At the Queensland office of the Australian Breastfeeding Association at New Farm, we provide information and support for women who wish to breastfeed their babies and strive to make breastfeeding unremarkable in our culture.

    Pledged by: Lesley McBurney

    13 July, 2016



    Proud to be an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace and a Breastfeeding Welcome Here venue