By making a public pledge you can show mothers that community support for breastfeeding far outweighs the minority that take offence. We encourage you to explore the pledges on this site and think about something you can do (as an individual, employer, business,service provider, venue operator) to help make it easier for mums who choose breastfeed to do so.
  • Mandy

    I pledge to always feel comfortable breastfeeding in public

    Pledged by: Mandy

    9 July, 2016

    United States

  • A simple smile

    If I see a mum sitting on her own feeding in a cafe or other public space, I will (unobtrusively) try to throw her a smile. I think we don’t do this more because we’re worried that it’ll seem like an invasion of privacy, but it’s always pretty easy to tell if a mum is wrapped up in her baby, deep in thought etc. When I was feeding in a cafe once, I made eye contact with a lady at the next table who smiled and looked down at me feeding. She then leant over and told me it was nice to see me breastfeeding in public. We ended up having a really nice chat.

    Pledged by: Anna Kaplan

    18 June, 2016


  • I want other women to know I support them.

    I pledge to support other women who are breastfeeding by offering them a glass of water, making eye contact and chatting if it’s appropriate. I also pledge to share my own story, so that other women know I think it’s great to breastfeed in public.

    Pledged by: Amy Frasca

    14 June, 2016