Breast Feeding Twins

My twins were born a month premature, babies <36 weeks don’t have a good sucking reflex.
At 19 days old they were discharged. Joel – on expressed Breast milk bottle feeds. Sam was fully breast fed. I was pumping milk for Joel round the clock.

Having a twin still breastfeeding meant I was able to maintain a good supply for both. Mums expressing for just one baby have a lot of difficulty maintaining supply. A baby sucking is the best method for making milk. I tried Joel every so often if he nuzzled me. Joel had Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) occurs when stomach acid leaks from the stomach and up into the oesophagus.

I expressed – many times a day. At 5 months Joel was diagnosed also with the kidney VUR reflux as well as GOR.

Surprisingly, one day he attached and I could feel him feeding, hungrily, properly for the first time. He did it again later. Over the next few days he was down to 1-2 EMB bottles.

At 7-8 months I stopped expressing. My twins continued to breastfeed until 4 years.
It made for many challenging moments when they both wanted me at the same time while out and about as 1-2 yr olds. The RUDE looks I got while one twin sat crying while I nursed his brother in public. Then they swapped. I still couldn’t BARE two hooters at the same time especially when they lifted my shirt over my head and would un latch to see what was going on around them.
It was their choice to keep going- but I did get ‘flack’ by age 3-4.
I accept that breastfeeding twins is a challenge and finding the time to get everything done was hard. I was fortunate to have my husband support me.

Shared by: Trish

13 July, 2016


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