Breastfeeding at the Melbourne Museum

Visiting the Melbourne Museum with my three boys aged 1 – 5 years old, and our littlest one who has just started walking trips and falls on an already split lip.┬áMayhem ensues with a screaming baby and our two big boys looking concerned and emotional as bright red blood is trickling down bub’s chin.

Straight onto the boob for a comfort suck, magically it instantly stops the bleeding – because the pressure of the suction on the boob, or the oxytocin hormone felt by baby? Who knows why but it works!

I see his eyes close in relief from the natural pain relief that the sucking brings, and the warm milk fills his little tummy giving him comfort. His little hands holds onto some boob skin near him, in a desperate plea to let him stay on.

Breastfeed anywhere, anytime, it’s a normal day to day activity that is so useful for a variety of functions!

Shared by: Joanna Stubbs

23 July, 2016


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