Breastfeeding is special and normal

I fought hard to breastfeed my baby who was very ill in hospital. It wasn’t until day 10 that I was able to start but luckily I had been supported by midwives and nurses to express every 2-3 hours until that point so I had plenty of milk. It was daunting while expressing as once he started having milk via the nasal-gastric tube at day 5, he was having more and more each feed. I watched how much he grew from my milk and was so proud I was able to support him. Once we started, we were off and running. He developed reflux disease, cow’s milk protein intolerance, soy protein intolerance and at 11 months we realised he has severe tongue, lip and buccal ties in his mouth. I had persevered so greatly and it had paid off but we had such a tough time. There were so many things I did not know and the ABA were so helpful to me. I want other women to know that they can get the support if they ask for it and don’t have to give up breastfeeding if it isn’t going smoothly.

Shared by: Carla Cram

23 July, 2016


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