Everything was going wrong!!

Me and my partner arrived at a restaurant and the staff didn’t come to seat us immediately, so we were stood there with the whole restaurant watching us, and there was nowhere private to sit. We got seated in front of an open kitchen with 3 chefs staring at us, I felt so uncomfortable and I darent feed my baby despite it going well past feeding time and she was getting upset. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. My partner spoke to a waitress about how I was feeling and she took me upstairs to their staff room and let me feed my baby there, and waited outside the room for 15 mins for me to finish despite being rushed off her feet. I am eternally grateful for this small act of kindness, my partner gave her a £10 note as a tip despite our meal costing very little. We haven’t been back to that restaurant but I will always remember it as the worst breast feeding experience of my life turned around into a very positive one.

Shared by: Amy

22 July, 2016

United Kingdom

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