Heart Mum

My first baby was born with a serious heart defect which requires 3 surgeries – 2 within the first months of life.

He was 2 days old when he had his first surgery. In ICU, we waited and hoped, and despite all odds, recovered well. I lived on a couch in bubs hospital room and pumped nonstop in the hope that we could breastfeed. My dear friend Jay coached me on everything – from hand-expressing to pumps, how to store milk. We saved every drop of colostrum.

With the help of my friends, incredible husband and hospital team, we managed to rehab him onto the breast.

However at 3 months, after his 2nd surgery, He was exhausted and traumatized after a difficult recovery. His medications gave him horrible reflux. He went home with a feeding tube and flat-out refused feeds. I was taught how to pour my milk into his nasogastric tube.

Still, I offered the breast at every ‘feeding’ session. After weeks passing, my supply started to dwindle, my body giving up after such a horrible ordeal that even my eyelashes fell out. I continued to pump but would only get 20ml each side, nipples bleeding. My amazing friend Toni supplied me with her milk to help us.

I gave myself 3 more weeks before we accepted that breastfeeding was over.

But one week, things started to improve. Tiny ‘comfort feeds’ became slightly longer each day. He gained weight. Miraculously, my supply responded.

At 5 months old he we were able to pull out his feeding tube.

He is now 14 months old and we are still breastfeeding and loving it. He is doing beautifully, a delight to us and everyone around him.

To me, breastfeeding is a privilege and an honour. It is the greatest achievement of my life.

Shared by: Laura

18 July, 2016


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