Let us feed our children the natural way!

I totally support this. When my daughter was about 6 wks old I had the owner of a hairdressing salon in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia comment that her staff may feel uncomfortable about my feeding my baby girl in the salon. I had been attending this salon for at least 6 months & was on the VIP list. After that I never received any further newsletters or invites to VIP functions. She was an older woman & a celebrity hairstylist from the UK, supposedly. They were called McQueens or Queens, anyway Karma is a bitch as they are now out of business­čść

I found the response of people was a good indicator of them as a person. I was always discreet with either a special breastfeeding top or a cloth for privacy,but I refused to not breastfeed in public. This is a purely beautiful part of parenting – please support those mums who can and choose to breastfeed­čĹŹ

Shared by: Mary-Ann

7 August, 2016


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