My Low Supply story

After having the lowest night with no sleep and bleeding nipples, on day 6 postpartum, I’d taken baby into hubby and said, “She’s broken me”, and cried my heart out. He rang a lactation consultant at the hospital where we birthed and she luckily saw us later that day. She examined me, watched me feed, and took some family history. After two consults she diagnosed low supply, no more explanation why, and told us to start supplementing with formula because she thought baby was borderline for not gaining enough weight. She then told me if I wanted to keep feeding, I’d need to pump and take domepridone to boost supply. I ended up more stressed after all that, which never helps with breastfeeding, does it?

I only took the domepridone for a few days. It didn’t agree with me. The pumping ended up going by the wayside as I had to travel when my father fell ill and died when baby was barely 5-weeks. It wasn’t until baby was 6-weeks that I actually felt engorged. I didn’t know it back then, in some cases it can be up to 6-weeks before milk fully comes in. The lactation consultant at the hospital also hadn’t examined the circumstances of our birth, I’d had an epidural, been stuck in bed unable to get up and cuddle my baby for the first 12-hours, and had limited support at home. I think all this contributed to what was a low supply to start off.

We continued supplementing until baby was 12-months, when overnight she suddenly decided she didn’t want bottles anymore. It was boobie all the way! At almost 27-months, we’re still feeding, albeit only a few times a day. It’s the best part of waking up, boobie cuddles with my little girl. 💗

Shared by: Holly Clark

8 August, 2016


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