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I’m still happily breastfeeding my 3 year old son in public. I’ve fed him on trams, in cafes, in fancy restaurants, while walking down main streets, in roadside diners, in churches, while sitting on the side of the road, in archaeological sites, in remote bush, in the car (side boob!) and in front of thousands of people, including close friends, my parents, and many many men. Almost no one has noticed. When I was a new mother and flapping around with covers and big shirts it got more attention; once I just began hitching out my boob and he latched on, it looked completely normal. Even as he’s grown and become a massive wriggler, I scarcely notice I’m partially nude.

What’s the problem? The kid is hungry or wants comfort; I have a breast that does the job. It’s just a tit! If anyone has a problem it’s… well, it’s their problem. No woman should have to feel ashamed of her body, or adjust her relationship with her child just because it makes some man uncomfortable. That said, the only person who’s ever lambasted me for feeding in public was an elderly woman. I guess she was used to more old fashioned ways.

I was recently in Europe, visiting galleries, churches and museums. Everywhere, images of the Virgin breastfeeding her child. I’m not religious, but I’d say: Hail Mary! What a great example.

Shared by: Kate

15 July, 2016


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