Meals on wheels

A couple of weeks ago I was at the train station with my baby and my 7 year old daughter on the platform waiting for our train home. My baby needed a feed, so I got her out of the pram and started feeding on the platform and then our train arrived. My older daughter pushed our pram on and I walked on still breast feeding. The train was so full and I was a bit anxious to find room and also a little self conscious about feeding standing up.
Well I had no need to be, 2 very lovely ladies gave up their seat immediately and fellow passengers around me gave encouraging smiles.
I have always fed my babies in public and feel strongly that we shouldn’t be made to hide away or be embarrassed. No one has ever asked me to go somewhere else to feed.
This day on the train reassured me that there is public support for breast feeding even on a crowded train!

Shared by: Holly

21 July, 2016


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