Explore stories submitted by breastfeeding mothers from around the world. By sharing our stories we can normalise breastfeeding and help other mothers feel more confident about feeding in public.  
  • Normalize Breastfeeding Everywhere!...

    I have always been a supporter of breastfeeding wherever and whenever my child needed it. I never even gave it a second thought about doing it in a public place because it was how I feed my child, and..

    Shared by: Kathryn S Walker

    9 July, 2016

    United States

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  • Jessie Maher Story Image

    My viral video story

    I was shopping in my local Target store with my 4-week-old daughter, Zinnia. As I was paying for my shopping, she began crying so I quickly finished paying and sat down to breastfeed her. I choose not..

    Shared by: Jessie Maher

    6 July, 2016

    United States

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  • Photo of Briar Lusia

    Mums need to eat too!

    Just wanted to share this really sweet moment I had recently. It was the first time I went out for breakfast alone with my 8 week old son, I had just received my breakfast and hot chocolate when Jaxon..

    Shared by: Briar Lusia McQueen

    19 June, 2016

    New Zealand

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  • IMG_8147

    My Friends at Earth Food Store

    “I was so grateful to my favourite cafe Earth Food Store, when I was feeding my son Max. I remember there was a time before we discovered he was tongue tied and I was experimenting with breast shiel..

    Shared by: Amy Weidlich

    19 June, 2016


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  • 1450075_10152040490251826_553313524_n

    Young Mums Be Brave!

    I remember with my first child Nathan, I was slightly anxious feeding in public, as a young mother- but I still did it. I remember being at a party with some friends and feeding my baby when a man at ..

    Shared by: Peta Cifrian

    9 June, 2016

    Newcastle, Australia

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